In light of the 77th anniversary of Indonesia’s Independence Day, state energy company Saka Energi Muriah Limited expressed its commitment to meeting the country’s energy needs by conducting 3D High Resolution Seismic Acquisition Processing in Suisen area, Northeast Java Sea.

 The seismic survey was launched at Lamongan Shorebase, East Java, in a ceremony where attendants wore traditional attires, to embody the essence of patriotism.

 Mahakarya Geo Survey (MGS) provides the technological seismic survey solution to map in detail the shallow gas known thus far as geohazard, in hopes to turn the subsurface condition into exploitation opportunity and production target in the future.

 The Upstream Oil and Gas Special Regulatory Taskforce (SKK MIGAS) praised Saka’s attempt for energy exploration and development to boost production target, as well as MGS’s support in the endeavour.

 “There are a lot of potentials, particularly in Madura Offshore area, that can be explored toward the Giant Discovery of 1 MBOP production per day. It requires to do things out of the box,” said Fataryani Abdurahman, Deputy Head of SKK MIGAS.