Oil & Gas Exploration and Development

Survey for sustainability


The oil and gas industry continues to explore and develop due to the increasing worldwide need for energy resources. Mahakarya Geo Survey is committed to ensuring safety and quality in all of its projects, meticulously planning and executing each activity with the utmost attention to safety and technical requirements. Our skilled personnel, local expertise, and global networks and partnerships allow us to access the resources and technologies required to provide exceptional services for all of your oil and gas projects.

Oil and Gas Exploration

Mahakarya Geo Survey expert team employs their expertise in subsurface geology to accurately assess geological conditions and produce high-quality data acquisition and processing for the purpose of exploration surveying.

2D Exploration Marine Seismic
3D Exploration Marine Seismic
Advanced Airborne Geophysical (eFTG and Magnetics)


Oil and Gas Facility Site Survey

Detailed information about potential geohazards is essential for any offshore construction project, including jack-up rigs and oil and gas platforms, to ensure that the proposed area is safe and free from any geological hazards.


2D High Resolution  Marine Seismic
3D High Resolution Marine Seismic
Sub Bottom Profiler
Side Scan Sonar
Single Beam Echosounder
Multi Beam Echosounder


Metocean Study for Oil and Gas Offshore Facility

It is crucial for offshore structure designers to be aware of the potential environmental effects on their structures and to incorporate them into their design process. To facilitate this, we offer site-specific predictions of metocean conditions and a real-time weather monitoring system to aid in the selection of rigs and handling equipment, as well as in the design of risers and mooring systems.



ADCP (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler)
AWAC (Acoustic Waves and Current)
Weather Station
Tide Gauge
CTD (Conductivity, Temperature, Depth)