Mahakarya Geo Survey has accomplished a historic feat by successfully upgraded and extending the capacity of the streamer on Nordic Bahari vessel. MGS as Indonesian Company and local experts marks a significant milestone to obtained 3D seismic data acquisition using the newly upgraded 4 x 6,000 m streamer for the first time.

This trailblazing achievement is a testament to MGS’s unwavering dedication to providing the best 3D offshore seismic data. The first data obtained using the upgraded system was successfully obtained in Maratua area operated by Pertamina Hulu Energi Lepas Pantai Bunyu (PHE LPB).

This achievement reinforced MGS Company’s commitment to support SKK Migas’ target for Giant Discovery in Indonesia. It underscores MGS Company’s value for innovation and excellence in Geophysical services. The commencement of this project enables us to discover 3D seismic data at deeper target and providing us with more precise and detailed subsurface structure information. This technological advancement improves our understanding of geological features and potential hydrocarbon reservoirs.