By implementing the latest and advanced technology invention of eFTG, MGS in collaboration with Austin Bridgeporth (now Metatek Group) is leading the exploration industry in Indonesia with the most powerful result.

Our Services Includes

  •  (eFTG) Enhanced Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry
    Natural resource, oil, and mineral prospectors utilize gravity gradiometry to measure and map variations in subsurface density. This data is utilized to build a picture of subsurface faults, structures, and lineaments, which may subsequently be used to precisely target a wide range of oil, gas, ground water, and mineral targets.
  • Conventional Gravity Systems
  • Magnetics
    A quick and affordable method for determining the intensity of the Earth’s magnetic field is airborne magnetic surveys. All rocks containing iron have magnetic accessory minerals such magnetite, hematite, and pyrrhotite, and the quantity of these minerals is correlated with magnetic susceptibility. Changing magnetic mineral abundances and related rock types may be mapped out using a magnetic survey.
  • Gamma Ray Spectrometry
  • LiDAR Survey