Infrastructure Support

Geo-surveys are an essential element of risk management as they aid in the identification and mitigation of potential natural hazards that may affect infrastructure.

Mahakarya Geo Survey is committed to delivering high-quality services. We specialize in conducting comprehensive geotechnical surveys to identify soil and rock conditions, and we use cutting-edge digital photogrammetry and laser scanning technology to ensure accurate and reliable infrastructure design and surveying solutions. Our team is dedicated and professional, ensuring that we always deliver the best possible results

Engineering and Construction Support

We provide geotechnical field surveys and laboratory analysis services to facilitate drainage and foundation engineering solutions at the design stage.


In situ geotechnical site investigation, including Cone Penetrating Testing, drilling and sampling for soil and groundwater evaluation

Geotechnical laboratory analysis

Digital Aerial Photogrammetry and Mapping

Building Monitoring and Evaluation

We utilize a combination of direct and non-destructive methods to examine the structural integrity of facilities, providing insight into internal structures and identifying any type and degree of structural defects.

3D Terrestrial Laser Scanning
Digital Aerial Photogrammetry and Mapping