MGS Successfully Performed 575 KM2 3D Seismic Acquisition Safely

Mahakarya Geo Survey (MGS) has achieved a groundbreaking feat that sets it apart as the indisputable frontrunner in the Seismic Survey sector. With an unwavering focus on safety and data results, MGS has completed the 3D Seismic Acquisition survey in Offshore Bunyu, North Kalimantan, amidst the stringent stipulations of Pertamina Hulu Energi (PHE).

MGS Breaks New Ground with Upgraded Streamer for 3D Seismic Data Acquisition

Mahakarya Geo Survey has accomplished a historic feat by successfully upgraded and extending the capacity of the streamer on Nordic Bahari vessel. MGS as Indonesian Company and local experts marks a significant milestone to obtained 3D seismic data acquisition using the newly upgraded 4 x 6,000 m streamer for the first time.

Sailing Out! Pertamina Hulu Energi and Mahakarya Geo Survey Commencing 3D Seismic Offshore Sebatik

Pertamina Hulu Energi Lepas Pantai Bunyu (PHE-LPB) have launched the 3D Marine Seismic Acquisition in Maratua Block, Offshore Bunyu and Tanjung Ahus, North Kalimantan. Under the escort of KAL Mamburungan and Indonesian Navy, the S/V Nordic Bahari sailed towards the survey area in Maratua Block on 27 March 2023, to carry out the marine 3D Seismic survey acquisition which covers an area of 575 square kilometres, in Indonesia Borderline.

Towards Giant Discovery: Mahakarya Geo Survey Celebrated the Independence Day With 3D High Resolution Seismic Survey in Central Java Offshore

In light of the 77th anniversary of Indonesia’s Independence Day, state energy company Saka Energi Muriah Limited expressed its commitment to meeting the country’s energy needs by conducting 3D High Resolution Seismic Acquisition Processing in Suisen area, Northeast Java Sea.

Successful Survey Operations in Indonesia – MGS RPS Concluded Final Visit

The final service visit for the INPEX Abadi Masela Metocean Project completed on March 29th, 2022, as part of a survey series activities at onshore, nearshore, and offshore stations in Saumlaki area.

Mahakarya Geo Survey in Collaboration with Austin Bridgeporth to Conduct First eFTG Survey in Asia

Mahakarya Geo Survey in Collaboration with Austin Bridgeporth (now Metatek Group) is proud to announce the completion of the first eFTG survey in Asia using DC3 aircraft. We succesfully carry out a survey operation at Bird’s Head Papua with the spectacular data result.

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This successful and safe operation has set the benchmark for other stakeholders, on how to proceed with the exploration and development activities or campaign during the ‘new normal’ situation “

Nicolass Kauffman

VP Project , INPEX Masela-Abadi LNG Project

“Medco holds a world-class standard in every project, thus expects MGS to be able to complete and deliver world class 3D data acquisition from Kaci.”

Erham Adhitiawan

Medco Energy Manager Exploration Operation Support, Medco Energi

We would like to thank MGS for
completing our 3D Seismic survey in Offshore North XRAY PSC. The data acquired is of very good quality and the operations were performed without any HSE issues and in an efficient manner. We wish MGS good luck with the follow-up projects

Miltos Xynogalas

CEO , Conrad Petroleum Ltd.

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