Mahakarya Geo Survey (MGS) has achieved a groundbreaking feat that sets it apart as the indisputable frontrunner in the Seismic Survey sector. With an unwavering focus on safety and data results, MGS has completed the 3D Seismic Acquisition survey in Offshore Bunyu, North Kalimantan, amidst the stringent stipulations of Pertamina Hulu Energi (PHE), resulting in a remarkable Zero Lost Time Incident (LTI) record and an exceptional output of highquality data. This performance using a 4x6 km streamer configuration has propelled MGS to the forefront, solidifying its role as the primary player in the seismic survey domain throughout the Asia Pacific area.

MGS‘s ability to seamlessly synchronize efforts with clients, Government stakeholders, and local communities has been the cornerstone of its current triumph. This collaborative synergy ensured that every facet of the survey operation unfolded successfully, underscoring MGS’s commitment to harmonious partnerships and comprehensive project execution. As MGS basks in its achievement, the Company maintains a determination to produce notable outcomes in forthcoming endeavors. Simultaneously MGS is resolute in its commitment to play a significant role in the Nation‘s pursuit of Giant Discovery.