Mahakarya Geo Survey have sealed a contract with Timor Gap E.P. to conduct Metinaro Survey Campaign project. The signing was attended by the Managing Director of Downstream Business Unit TIMOR GAP E.P., Francelino Boavida and his delegations at MGS office in Jakarta.

This project consists of 5 activities—ranging from Topographic & Aerial Mapping, Onshore Geotechnical, Nearshore Geophysical, Offshore Geotechnical, to Metocean Survey in Metinaro for Oil Terminal Port development.

Francelino Boavida stated, “By appointing MGS as the survey contractor with a reputable record in the industry, this is a very important step to mark the start of Timor Leste’s energy security journey.” Boavida has high expectations that MGS will show great performance to implement the plan successfully.

Henky Suharto, as the Founder and Executive Director of MGS stated, “MGS is honoured for the opportunity and committed to deliver the work in safety manner and high quality deliverables.” He believes that MGS can contribute in Timor Leste’s emerging economy & energy sector by leveraging MGS’s expertise to support the Government’s ambitious goals.

MGS is also delighted to receive a Timor Leste traditional Tais woven shawl as a token of welcoming new cooperation exclusively from the officials of TIMOR GAP E.P. to symbolize this commemorative award.