Our Fleet

In 2020, as a testament to our commitment, Mahakarya Geo Survey launched our first Indonesian-flagged seismic vessel, positioning us as pioneers in the oil and gas exploration sector, and demonstrating our support for the government’s “Giant Discovery” program.

Nordic Bahari

The S/V Nordic Bahari is fully equipped and outfitted for uninterrupted seismic survey operations. Our vessels are perfectly suited for acquiring 2D, 3D, and high-resolution seismic data in the challenging and shallow waters of the Indonesian archipelago and the South East Asia region, thanks to their ideal space, facilities, and advanced technologies. The vessel was designed and constructed with a primary focus on health, safety, and the environment, ensuring a safe working environment for personnel onboard.

Key Features


Sercel Seal 408 system and SSAS Streamer that very comprehensive for 2D, 3D, and High Resolution Seismic

Seismic Gun

Flip-flop Sercel G Gun with Volume Capacity Up to 4000 cu.in

Flag and Class

Our Pride Indonesian Flag Vessel with dual class: DNV and BKI.


Efficient Fuel Consumption with 4 Unit Electric Propulsion System