The final service visit for the INPEX Metocean Project completed on March 29th, 2022, as part of a series of survey activities off the coast of the Saumlaki area and observations at onshore, nearshore, and offshore stations.

MGS RPS deployed 19 metocean stations along the pipeline route from up to 1200 meter of water depth at floating facility location to shoreline during the past 24 months. The data measured are being used to calibrate models and provide data for the design of the Abadi Gas development.

Nicholas Kauffmann, VP Project INPEX Masela said “It was very fantastic achievement that in 2 years of the entire site service visit, we have zero incident, accident and Covid-19 free on board”.

Edi Wahyudi, Head of Acceleration Unit of Abadi SKK Migas, appreciate the achievement of the hard work, integrity and good synergy between the teams that lead the successful of the project.

This last service visit marked the end of a challenging two yearlong field campaign. Collaborative efforts between SKK Migas, INPEX Abadi Masela, and RPS were vital in the success of Mahakarya Geo Survey and as one of the major survey projects undertaken in Indonesia.

Mahakarya Geo Survey intends to consistently improve their capabilities and become an important linchpin to achieve Indonesia’s golden vision within the oil and gas sector and other strategic industries.