With the completion of the inspection of the DC3 aircraft, equipment, and facilities which will carry out a survey project using enhanced Full Tensor Gradiometry (eFTG) technology at Bird’s Head Papua, Mahakarya Geo Survey in collaboration with AustinBridgeporth is proud to announce that the first eFTG survey in Asia has officially started.

eFTG is the latest technology in potential field exploration and will greatly assist in performing a more efficient, economical survey implementation. “We are very excited to be using the world’s highest resolution performing gravity system, working with Pertamina Hulu Energi and SKK Migas to explore not only for Oil and Gas, but also for minerals, geothermal, aquifers, and natural hazards,” said Dr. Mark Davies, CEO of AustinBridgeporth.

This survey campaign is an important exploration commitment by SKK Migas and KKKS as the realization of SKK Migas’ long term plan to support Giant Discovery for Indonesia Energy vision in 2030.

Henky Suharto, Director of Mahakarya Geo Survey said, “Mahakarya Geo Survey is ready to participate in maximizing exploration activities in realizing the national production vision together with Pertamina Hulu Energi Jambi Merang will ensure that this survey activity will be carried out very well and can be used as a reference for future exploration innovations.”