After nearly a month of operation, Mahakarya Geo Survey and RPS have successfully completed the first service visit campaign of Offshore Metocean Data Gathering and Analysis for INPEX Masela Ltd. on Abadi field. 

Equipment maintenance and data downloading on metocean observation station were well-implemented, and all personnel onboard remained under tight COVID-19 protocol until the vessel returned to Tanjung Priok on 10th October 2020. This accomplishment was remarkable feat for both companies, to contribute to the National Strategic Project amid the challenging pandemic situation. 

“This successful and safe operation has set the benchmark for other stakeholders on how to proceed with the exploration and development activities or campaign during the ‘New Normal’ situation,” stated Nicholas Kauffman, VP of Project INPEX Masela Ltd.

“MGS and RPS’ preparation is well-coordinated, and everyone is aligned. We are confident to move forward with our next activities, while maintaining safe and healthy protocol.”

Julius Wiratno, Deputy of Operations of Upstream Oil and Gas Special Regulatory (SKK MIGAS), advised other PSCs to follow such operation model as part of the efficiency and adjustment to the pandemic. 

“I am both thrilled and proud that the project runs safely and successfully with zero accident and without COVID-19 infection,” he said.

“I hope pending projects can resume. I believe that good cooperation and communication will lead to good outcomes.”