The Metocean Survey collects and analyzes the data of the tidal, waves, winds, and currents conditions that affect marine survey at the survey location and its vicinity. This survey is able to predict the Metocean phenomenon that may occur once in a hundred years which is important for designing offshore structure and also measuring, interpreting the physical features of the oceans, seas, lakes, and rivers.

1.    Met-Ocean & Mooring Survey

Output   : Analyses & prediction, 2D & 3D Oceanographic Modeling
Data Usage : Physical Met-Ocean Study, Engineering Design


2.    2D & 3D Bathymetric Survey

Output   : Bathymetric Chart
Data Usage : Datum Establishment



3.    Water Quality

Output   : Sediment distribution, suspended sediment, conductivity, temperature, trace element, plankton distribution
Data Usage : Biochemist Oceanography Study, corrosion, engineering design