The geophysical survey is widely used to depict the condition of seafloor and its sub seabed. The image of seafloor and its sub seabed is used to analyze and characterize geological formation in terms of its physical properties. The interpretation of the seafloor and its sub seabed can determine the existence of potential hydrocarbon fuel (natural oil and gas), as well as minerals (metals, aggregates) and heat energy in the particular survey area.

1.    Marine Seismic Survey

a.    Marine 2D High Resolution Seismic Survey
b.    Marine 2D Seismic Survey for Exploration

2.    Analogue Survey

a.    Analogue Site Survey
b.    Analogue Pipeline/Cable Route Survey

3.    Investigation Survey

a.    Debris Clearance Survey
b.    UXO (Unexploded Ordnance) Survey
c.    Scout Survey
d.    etc