Our Team


Henky Suharto has 22 years experience in survey industry. Following his graduation in 1992 from Geodetic Faculty of Bandung Institute of Technology, Henky worked as geodetic surveyor in Geoservices Bandung.

In 1998 he worked for Teknik Lengkap Geohydrographic Singapore which tremendously contributed toward his career as hydrographic surveyor. He established MGS in 2005 and brought his wealth of knowledge, experience, and operational insights to support his role in the company.


TJHIN SE SIANG, General Manager

As Tjhin Se Siang’s technical knowledge has been developed since he was still in high school, he brings extensive hands-on technical experiences to each of his work assignments. After graduating from Electrical Engineering of Atmajaya University, Tjhin Se Siang joined Thales Geosolutions Indonesia in 2001 where he began his career as an analog engineer. He also worked at Fugro before starting to be freelancer at MGS in 2006.

For his outstanding knowledge in technical aspect, his excellence in problem solving skill, dedication and ability to work in a team brought him to be MGS’ Technical Manager in 2008, and in 2009 he was awarded as the best employee. Tjhin Se Siang continues to demonstrate strong leadership over the years.

His performance in leading the Technical Department has contributed significantly to MGS’ growth. In mid 2011, Tjhin Se Siang was appointed as General Manager.